T-Mobile says it's now the No. 1 prepaid wireless service provider in the US

  1. Just a week after T-Mobile announced strong second quarter results, exceeding Wall Street's expectations, the company announced that it's become the top prepaid wireless service provider in the US with 15.6 million customers.

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  2. Movatheaiur

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    Explains why my service over the months for the past two-years has gone from great speeds(12d/3u) average to(2d/not even 1mbu)average, piss poor. This is on a mature 4G market.
  3. I thought I was the only one! Iv noticed a huge decrease in service quality in my area over the last few years. I literally no longer would get service at my home for more than a single phone call. I had to have them give me a signal booster just to get phone service. And I live 15min outside a major city! I never had problems previous years. In fact I had full signal and could get on the net without a problem.

    More people on the service is not an excuse! Invest in more towers to support them!
  4. Hexic

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    Yeah, I've witnessed this myself as well with Virgin Mobile USA. In general, for as many pre-paid wireless customers as there are today, you'd think that Sprint/T-Mobile would seriously invest in (punctual) network upgrades/retention work.

    I was on VM until March of this year, and for $55/mo, I received 2.5GB of data and unlimited talk/text. The coverage was mediocre at best, but the speeds weren't bad.

    AT&T offers a $60/mo no-contact plan with 2.5GB of data & unlimited talk and text, so that's the best plan I've found thus far for the price. Verizon offers a similar plan, but for $10/mo more.

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