Tech Tip of the Week: Enable Windows 7's Hidden "God Mode"

By Julio Franco
Jan 11, 2010
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  1. Urhixidur

    Urhixidur TS Rookie

    Here's an equivalent (but a little more roundabout) way to create a God Mode control panel on your desktop.

    Open a console. Set your current directory to your desktop folder. (You can, of course, choose to put the God Mode control panel elsewhere)

    cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop

    Create a directory there, using any name of your choosing:

    mkdir godmode

    Using notepad (or some such) create a file with the following contents and save to the directory you just created using the name desktop.ini:

    LocalizedResourceName=God Mode

    The LocalizedResourceName is the name that Explorer will display for your 'godmode' folder, and can be anything you choose. Back to the console, enter the directory:

    cd godmode

    Change the attributes of desktop.ini to system hidden:

    attrib desktop.ini +s +h

    You're done! Once Explorer refreshes, you should have a God Mode control panel on your desktop (or elsewhere).

    A similar trick, omitting the CLSID line, can be used to change the display name of any folder.
  2. miluthui

    miluthui TS Member Posts: 16

    This may come handy thank you
  3. Works good with Windows 8 too. This is a a real time saver. It's all in 2 or 3 mouse clicks instead of searching through menus to finds it. When you click best performance option in windows 7 it uses the classic settings from the versions previous to Vista.
  4. Jefffosterusa

    Jefffosterusa TS Rookie

    Ha, I doubt there's Windows in Heaven, God hates disorder. ;)

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