The Sims won't install

By hybritical
Jul 18, 2004
  1. Well I had the Sims and some expansions installed on my computer and they wee working fine until I got makin magic and it wouldn't install. After that the game itself wouldn't play. I tried to uninstall it the right way but it wouldn't let me some kind of error. So I got desparate and started deleting the sims files one by one....then I downloaded a demo version of an uninstall program and got rid of the sims, thing is some of the files are still left.....and now when I put the game in it doesn't start nor doesthe auto play window come up to promt me to install....Can I fix this?

    BTW I tried going into my computer and manuel making it start and I tried using run....nothing happened.....
  2. Karen_80

    Karen_80 TS Rookie

    Run the sim eraser program (it's on, reboot and start again. there's an "order" to install the games in, too. check the threads there - there's a whole forum about install problems.
  3. lulu22

    lulu22 TS Rookie

    Help me!!!

    ive tried to install the sims deluxe onto my windows xp and i just get pass entering the serial code then it has the box of trying to install but doesnt install anything and jsut freezes my computer completely! please help!!!
  4. Kewin888

    Kewin888 TS Rookie

    maybe your computer cant play it because it dont have the specs?
    Or something wrong with the disk?
  5. lulu22

    lulu22 TS Rookie

    how can i fix it?
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