This is an advanced question for networking/proxy wizards..

By btemtd
Apr 10, 2013
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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am now working for a company that has implemented a function in there machines (Printer/copier MFDs) . The function is explained in the next paragraph.

    Basically many companies hire these machines and what we have implemented is an automated billing meter that is required to talk out of the clients network and back to our billing team, in some cases the clients use a proxy server. There is a problem when I am talking to the customers trying to gather the network details so that our technician will be able to go onsite and enable this feature on the machine.

    If someone on here can solve this problem I am about to mention They are GENIUS.. because I have talked to people that really know what they are doing and so far I have got an answer.

    Here is the problem, when I talk to the IT guys sometimes or actually 40% of the time they are not the guy who actually set up the network and it can be a real pain to retrieve information even if they have full admin rights on there network. I need to know what Proxy authentication scheme the customer is using whether it be basic, NTLM, digest etc.. Is there any free detection tools I can use or maybe there is a way I can guide them to the place in windows where they can get this information for me? I was just thinking is there something in the registry that tells me this information? Please if anyone has the answer they true champions and I really will appreciate it.


  2. jobeard

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    Puzzled here. Authentication is logging into a secured connection, so what is the user logging into?

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