Toshiba or Windows crash?

By baron
May 13, 2006
  1. Toshiba PSA70U-09700E laptop, windows XP.

    I accidently shut off from power switch while moving laptop.

    I had just been invaded by a virus, Avast was identifying, and I hit switch and shut down.(Not my plan)

    When i went to reboot I couldn't get past window logo.

    Tried F2 and couldn't start in safe mode.

    Can't us CD as that was last weeks find. I have been trying to load drivers and updates through web and usb port CD player.

    At this moment I can start computer and it freezes at a black screen.
    I can access Bios but nothing works from there.

    Any ideas if virus contaminated basic program or is this a shut down error??

    Thanks in advance.
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