Trouble accessing access point

May 24, 2008
  1. i've got a valuepoint access point that i could not remember the password to so i reset it to factory defaults. after doing this i saw the SSID change to simply "wireless" as did the network name that appears with netscan (changed to the mac address). this all seems well and like everything is back to defaults except i cannot log into the administration tool. the valuepoint website states the login/password should be root/root or in the case of some older equipment admin/public. i've tried both of these combinations to no avail and valuepoint is of no further help. so my question is, does anyone have any suggestions for getting into this thing? i'm willing to go so far as to try a brute force attack on the stupid thing if it means i might be able to get in.

    unfortunately i cannot provide a model number because it is not listed on the equipment. it is simply labeled "high performance access point" i can get the serial number and mac address if thats of any use to anyone. thanks
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    thank you so much, i don't know why i didn't think of that aside from it not being a netgear. good to know for future reference that trying out other manufacturers password combos just might work.
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