Troubleshooting - DVD drive that plays DVDs but doesn' play CDs

By Keka
Jul 23, 2005
  1. My laptop DVD drive (on an hp compaq nx9010) plays DVDs normally as it always did but cannot detect a CD anymore. When I insert a CD it tries for some time to detect it i guess and then even the light on the CD drive door stops blinking. I've checked the device manager and it says the device is working properly. It's a RW/DVD drive.

    I was wondering if you could help me guys.


  2. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot!
    I have never heard of a DVD rw not being backward compatible to CD , but you might should confirm that at HP.
    It might be that your machine does not like the Brand of media . Try another brand.
    Clean the reader.
    Check the HP site(also the manufacturer of the DVD) for Firmware updates.
    Check for an update for the Writing software you are using.
    Make sure you turn off the XP writing software , if you are using any other product for that purpose.
  3. Keka

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    Thanks a lot for the tips, I will do the checks you've recommended me. However, when I read your e-mail I felt that I was misunderstood at a point: The DVD ROM detected and read my CDs for around two years, but it has stopped doing so two or three months ago and it also doesn't burn CDs since a year.


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