Trying to reinstall XP...BSOD everytime reboot

By jv16823
Jun 9, 2009
  1. I'm working on a friend's computer trying to reinstall XP. The computer is an old Dell that had XP Home Edition preinstalled. I have the reinstallation CD for "Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition: Including Service Pack 1a."

    - I changed the BIOS to boot from CD first, but the drive doesn't run during startup.
    - Accessed the boot menu using F8, but the CD drive is not listed.
    - Every time I try to reboot, whether it be normally, in any of the safe modes, or from last known good configuration, I get the blue screen of death immediately after I select how to startup (safe mode, normal, last known good configuration).
    - Replaced the memory and the computer recognized the change in memory, but I still get BSOD.

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