Twin MOS usb 256 flashdrive problem.

By vicbonefix
Apr 11, 2007
  1. Hi GuYS!
    Am new here, I just dunno if this is the right forum. It sure feels like am entering a lions Den. LOL anyways, I got a tech stuff prob that im not sure if anybody has a brilliant solution but any suggesting short of breaking it is most welcome. so here goes: I own a twin MOS usb 256 flashdrive that am using in my win XP. i never had problems with it before until lately i cant open the drive anymore! and the PC keeps prompting that the drive is unformatted and needs to be formatted. I can't retreive my school files anymore. shocks! am really in a bind here i hope u guys could help ne retreive my files from a possible corrupted flashdrive. any ideas? thanks very much for any help!!!!
    This is a great site! i hope to participate here in the coming days. more power to all!!

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