Two New AMD Notebook Chips

By Phantasm66
Jul 19, 2004
  1. AMD have released two new notebook chips as from Sunday.

    Firstly, we have "the Athlon XP-M 2200+ [which] comes from the company's older line of chips. It runs at 1.6GHz and is built around an older processor core and comes with a 512KB cache."

    But I was much more interested in the second chip:

    "The Athlon 64 3400+ is largely aimed at performance users. It runs at 2.2GHz and comes with 1MB of cache. "

    This chip has interested Alienware, who plan to introduce the chip into a notebook later in this month. However, the most interesting thing to note I think is this:

    "Like other Athlon 64 chips, and Intel's Prescott, the new notebook processor will block many security threats automatically in conjunction with Windows XP Service Pack 2.."
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