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By Kua
Nov 5, 2008
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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone recommend an online based course for IT. I'm looking for something quite general, but something that will make me pretty employable, preferably. Sorry that's kinda vague, but perhaps you could give me some ideas :) .

    I've looked into the Home Learning College. Its quite a financial commitment with courses being 1-2k but if it helped get me out of this minimum wage job it'd be well worth it. Not only that, but I want to learn, to keep my mind active.

    One that I figured might be appropriate is this one:
    . But I've no idea if its well recognised in the industry or a ticket to a 50k job or what :D .

    Just to fill you in. I'm 24 and living in the UK. I have good A-levels (As and Bs), but fell ill at university and re-attempting that is not an option - I want to stay in work. With regards to my IT experience: I'm a pretty keen gamer but this has led to a general interest in computing and I can see myself enjoying a career in it. I really don't enjoy my job. Its kind of admin-y and naff and not well paid :p . Looking to make something of myself (how cliched hehe but its true).

    Thanks for your help!

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