Unable to Connect to Internet Browsers Windows 8.1

  1. I bought a Dell Inspiron 3531 laptop Dec. 2104 It has Windows 8.1 64-bit operating system. When McAffe expired in one month, I downloaded Norton Internet Security. All things were working fine until I downloaded material from a trusted site I have used before over the course of several years. Downloading from this site and printing the material saved was the last action I did. Turned off computer, started it in the morning to find that the Apps are working, Norton is not, I cannot connect to the internet using IE or Firefox. Airplane mode is off. Diagnoses says error fixed for Potential Windows Update Database error detected 0x80070490.
    I do not know why the interne will not connect. The wifi works fine for other computers in that space. I am unable to download any possible help solutions as I cannot access those sites with "No Connectivity". Any suggestions?

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