Unbootable computer after installed ram

By kalatar
Aug 2, 2005
  1. I just got 2x 512 DDR 400 ram and installed them into comp. I turned it on, and the monitor was completly blank. After that i tried puting in 1 stick at a time in every slot, it all came turned out the same, blank monitor. Then i tried to put in my old ram, and it still didnt work! So i figured it might be my graphics card, i put my old one in, and it still came up blank! also, i have reset the cmos, which did nothing. This has me completly stumped, i have no idea what to do anymore..

    my specs are:
    3200+ AMD Athlon XP
    7NF-RZ Gigabyte Motherboard
    Soundblaster Live
    Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
    Al-A400ATX Max 400W Apex PSU
    512 DDR PC 2700 (my old ram)

    The kind people at Futuremark figured this out for me, thanks anyways, it seemed that all i had to do is unplug my PSU switch for 30 seconds and plug it back in.
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