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  1. Hello All,
    As a fairly late entrant into the smartphone game, I bought an iPhone 4s as my first smartphone in mid-2011 followed by an iPhone 5 in mid-2013, which I still have. As my March 9th upgrade date approached, I began looking into different options and decided that at the present time Android smartphones are better products all around as iPhones stagnate and even retreat in quality and market share.

    The big question I have, however, which I was hoping you all could help me answer, is whether I should just bear with my iPhone 5 for another month until the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the HTC One M9 both come out so I can compare them side-by-side and then make a decision or whether I should just go ahead and choose between the LG G4 and the HTC One M8, both of which seem great spec-wise as well as review-wise.

    Obviously, the specs and reviews are even better for the new Samsung and HTC phones, but I would have to wait another month amidst mounting hoopla over Android technology and increasing dissatisfaction with my by-comparison humble iPhone 5. Any advice on whether the new Android phones are big enough advances to wait for or whether I should just go ahead and choose between the existing options would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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