USB Sound Card / Module Availability question

By kmanche
Apr 12, 2010
  1. I am developing a product that requires a cheap way to extract audio from a PC via USB. I've developed a circuit that uses a philips IC, and it works well, but the end product will be more expensive than I would like it to be. The option that I am considering is to use one of the cheap-o USB sound cards that are all over The devices have a USB plug on one end, and (2) 1/18" audio jacks on the other end. When it's plugged into a computer with a recent OS, it is automatically detected as an audio I/O device.

    I can make it work as is, and I like the idea of using this because it is cheap, the manufacturer has already worked out the driver issues, etc. What i don't like is the fact that all of these devices that I've seen have a microphone/line in jack. I'd like to find one that does not have this feature, cause when the device is plugged in, I don't want the computer to think that there is an additional/available input device (since it will not be usable in my particular application).

    Does anybody know of a similar device that only has audio output (and NO audio input capability)???

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