Using old HDD to start new homebuilt... restarting before OS loads

By olamoree
May 13, 2010
  1. Searched on the subject but no bananas. I helped a friend build a new machine... MB, memory, SATA drives, etc. In that the MB has only one IDE plug, I used it to connect his IDE drive and IDE CD/DVD burner out of the old puter. It is an XP SP2 OS and it starts to start, shows the boot screen, the crawler goes by about 4 times, then... it restarts! and the same thing, over and over. Won't open in Safe Mode and a Boot LiveCD just spins, nothing on the screen even when set to boot from CD except start up. I researched the problem and the ONLY thing that I could discover that coincided with the problem is: When the old machine was an Intel CPU and the new machine is an AMD, the original HDD will not start the OS but no solution listed ;<(. Otherwise, I am at a loss... anything I can try? Don't have the old machine to use, just the new one. Thanks.
  2. webscaper

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    AFAIK, the old drive will not boot because it is configured for the old computer. The registry contains information specific to the computer that it was first installed to. This will cause compatibility problems with the new computer.

    Also the drivers contained in Windows would be installed for the hardware on the old computer. Unless all hardware is the same you will have missing/incompatible drivers installed at boot time.

    You can use the old drive as a secondary (slave) in the new computer and copy any needed files. Or reformat the old drive and do a clean install of Windows.
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