Using VIVO to record from Motherboard, can it be done ?

By james_k1988
Mar 6, 2006
  1. hey there,

    For a while ive been wanting to record myself ingame (FPS gmz of course :p ) but have never been able to as i dont have a TVcard , and my processor aint strong enough to run such a program as FRAP's efficently, runs awful (planning on upgradeing though)

    Anyways i realised my card has AVIVO , and my mobo (specs in SIG) has a TV-Out on it (got both a AV and S-Video). I though of a sneaky plan, to put a cable (Most likely a S-Video lead) into the Motherboard TV-Out, and send it into the Vivo, and then record.

    Wasnt sure this was possible as from experiance XP doesnt seem to pick up more than one card at a time (unless of course your using SLI or Crossfire but thats just being akward :knock: ). It either looks at the port (be it AGP,PCI,PCIE, depending on what BIOS is set to) or uses its onboard grafix, if it has one.

    So in a way, while i'm using this g-card, the Onboard grafix port along with the Tv-Out, are dead (as far as i know)

    Question is , is there any way to enable just the Motherboard's Tv-Out, So i could conduct my dodgey scheme :rolleyes:. I was thinking about installing the drivers for the onboard but i sensed i would get problems with it conflicting with the ones i have.

    I know this might not be possible, but may as well ask lol cheers

    Specs are in Sig
  2. blue_dragon

    blue_dragon TS Rookie Posts: 190

    i too have had this situation
    my geofrce fx5200 had an s-video output and my pinnacle capture card also had an s-video input. and whne i tried recording it kinda worked but too laggy\
    i tinhk the proble as that my graphics card did not recognize my pinnacle input as a tv source
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