Utility to zip files from separate directories, saving path information?

By lkjhg
Jul 25, 2010
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  1. I'm fighting a mysterious issue in my XP SP3 computer that causes occasional BSODs.

    Symptoms are pointing to it being a drive controller, the D drive (where I keep my documents and other data files), or maybe if I'm lucky, just a SATA cable for the D drive. This issue is documented in another forum; I'm not looking for a solution here.

    Here's what I'm wondering.

    I have a full image of the D drive from two weeks ago. So if I buy a new drive, I'll just restore the old image to the new drive and away I'll go, complete. Almost.

    I'd like to find a way to capture all the files that are new or changed on D since two weeks ago. This process as I see it would involve:
    • Use "find files or folders" to find all files new or changed since 7/11/2010
    • Zip these files into an archive
    • Put files where they go on new D drive

    Simple enough. But I'd like there to be a utility that doesn't just archive the files, it also saves the path names, and then puts the files in the right path on the new drive. For example, if I have new files in d:\directory1 and d:\directory2\newstuff and d:\directory3\photos\july21-2010 (you get the idea), I'd like the files to automatically go from my archive into where they belong, even if that means creating a new folder where none existed in the image from two weeks ago.

    Does such a utility exist, or is there a technique I can use to make this happen? FWIW, I use 7-zip as my archiving software.

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