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By cozzielex
Nov 9, 2009
  1. I have an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 card, can anyone tell me what is the latst driver update. I had a version dated 2008 and somehow i have now installed an older version from 2006. But all the sites I visit are like driver robot that want to install their own software. So if any one can please tell me where i can download the latest version without a lot of hassle
  2. Route44

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    Yes, go either to AMD/ATI and they will tell you as well as provide the latest drivers that you can install for your X1600 card or go to your laptop's manufacturer's website, find your model, and update from there.
  3. cozzielex

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    They are no help at all and just say they have transferred most of their drivers elsewhere, but they dont tell you where. I have tried all evening but just end up with driver robot or some such thing., I will keep looking but if you have any other ideas i would be grateful
  4. Route44

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  5. cozzielex

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    yes Ive been there and it just leads to a page telling me that amd are no longer dealing with my video card
  6. Route44

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    See if anything from this link helps:

    I forgot that I had read awhile back that for some inexplicable reason they've stopped listing drivers for older cards.

    Does your notebook manufacturer have newer drivers than the 2006?
  7. cozzielex

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    Thanks Route44. I checked out that mod tool in the link you sent me and really I'm to green for that. My driver is one I got dated jan 2008. I dont know if there are any later ones.
    Anyway I've decided that I really need a desktop to play games (I'm 62 and it's my only hobby). I looked at an acer aspire m7720 with a radeon HD4850 card and a core i7 920 processor. I think that should play most games. What do you think?
  8. Route44

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    Yes, definitely a desktop to play games. Have you considered expanding your hobby by building your own system? It is a lot of fun in its own right and you can build it to the point of upgrading for the future (of course there are limitations to this).

    Building at first seems daunting but it can also give you a real sense of accomplishment. If you know someone who has built systems ask them to help you and show you what to do. That is how I got started and I love doing it.

    If this idea might even be a possibility for you give us a budget and there are several here that can really give you great advice on parts and save you money as well.

    Can you give us a link to the Acer you mention?
  9. cozzielex

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    Hi Route44
    The acer I saw is at PC world uk, Ive thought of building my own system but I have a medical condition which requires me to take morphine several times a day (legitimately I add). And whilst I can blast away at enemies of the state all day long in FPS games anything constructive is quite beyond me as it makes me very absent minded! Nevertheless, I'll think about your advice, it may even work out as some kind of occupational therapy. Cheers Mate.
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