Vietcong/AVP2 Help

By SniperX670yo
Aug 19, 2007
  1. Well, im trying to install some old games on my laptop (which sucks) and when i play vietcong i get low fps (both on High and low with same performance).....

    Then for Aliens Vs Predator 2 i get to (38%) then i get a data error and it says something like (cyclic) redundancy check...

    So what is the cause of these problems? and is AVP2's scratches affecting the instillation? ( cause it does have alot of scratches but i got the skip dr.)
    Also can AVP2 Run Well On my laptop?

    ps. Soldier of fortune 2 ran fine on it...

    ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
    Intel Pentium M processor 1600mhz , ~600mhz
    512mb of ram

    (yes i know it sucks)

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