Visiontech (GeForce3) new released drivers, 27.50

By paladin06
Mar 2, 2002
  1. Visiontech Released 27.50 drivers

    I got the released 27.50 from Visiontech and they have the same refresh rate problem as the betas and there is no performance increase.

    Back to 23.11 for me!!

    Paladin06 System spec:
    ALIENWARE - HiveMind
    Win98SE - w/Office 2000
    Directx 8.1a
    AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.3Ghz @ 1.430 - 12.5x110
    Asus MB A7V-E 1003 bios
    Visiontek GeForce3 64meg DDR - (1024x768 16 bit) (23.11 drivers )(Blue Orb cooling fan on main chip) oc @ 240/500
    2 intake and 3 exhaust case fans. (including Koolmax card cooler)
    VIA 4 in 1 - 14.37 v (a) drivers
    512meg PC133 (Mushkin) Rev 2 222 High Performance
    Sound Blaster Live X-Gamer 5.1
    Cambridge SoundWorks FPS 2000 sound system
    19" Acer 99sl Monitor
    Razor BoomSlanger 1000 Gaming Mouse
    30gig ATA 100 HD
    10gig ATA 66 HD
    56x CDROM
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