Vudu streaming video service comes to LG TVs

By Jos
Jul 29, 2009
  1. Streaming media provider Vudu has announced a partnership with LG to embed its service with several connected HDTVs starting next month. The announcement marks a turning point for the two-year-old service, which up until recently required a proprietary set-top box to deliver videos, and follows similar moves by Netflix and Amazon who are also busy getting their movie services into a number of consumer electronics devices.

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  2. I will never buy vudu because I will not buy a TV for just 1 service. Also if this video technology is flaky I cannot trust vudu to deliver. Also considering the average person today in the US has only 3Mbps, the majority of us will not be getting 720p or 1080p so what is the point of this service? I also don't like to pay by the movie and much prefer subscriptions services such as Netflix ( and MyTVPAL ( ).

    Netflix offers a much wider selection and MyTVPAL requires much less bandwidth over devices with higher quality.

    Vudu needs to give it's head a shake.
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