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By bakertime361
Nov 12, 2004
  1. Hi, I just recently brought a laptop home from my office for use on my home network. At the office, it was on an encrypted network that someone else had set up. I won't be needing it in the office anymore, so I'm trying to get it running on my home network. Ive got a Netgear WRG614v2 802.11g router and a LAN Express AS IEEE 802.11g minitPCI Adapter. The laptop is running on XP. Catch wont find the network. Two other desktops in the house found it fine, yet no matter what i do this one seems to not be able to find it....any ideas?

    Thanks in Advance,
  2. poertner_1274

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    I would run the network setup wizard again and set it up for your home network. You also need to make sure that your laptop is on the same workgroup as your other computers.
  3. bakertime361

    bakertime361 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    Still nothing...

    Tried it and nothing...still no networks present. Any other Ideas?
  4. The Best Alias

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    If you got it from your office which you say has an encrypted network, chances are your NIC is set up for a domain. Double check your TCPIP settings and make sure you are in the same workgroup as the other machines and not in a nonexistant domain.
  5. StormBringer

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    you shouldn't have to "configure" anything if it is XP. XP has something called Wireless Zero Config built in which will show you any broadcasting networks in range. Just right click on the wireless connection and click "View Available wireless networks" This will show a list of networks in range. If you can't see your router listed, try updating the driver for the card, possibly the firmware on the router as well, and try again.

    Domain vs Workgroup has no bearing on being able to see the network, though it will affect you being able to share resources such as files and printers.
  6. bakertime361

    bakertime361 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    Yeah, It's not even showing the network... The drivers are current as well...
  7. StormBringer

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    does it say "no networks within range"? or does it just show nothing in the available networks? If its just a blank white box, try toggling the "radio"(this is the wireless signal for the card, it is usually a key combo and can probably be found in the BIOS under wireless control)

    If it still can't "see" the router, set up a preferred network with your router's SSID and encryption key and see if it picks it up that way. If it still doesn't work, try updating the firmware on the router, change the channel to 11 and make sure no software firewalls are running
  8. poertner_1274

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    You might need to make sure your router is broadcasting the SSID of your network. I have mine turned off so others can't get on by wardriving. But if you know what it is then you can set it up maually that way.
  9. bakertime361

    bakertime361 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 34

    This is frustrating...

    Tried it all to no avail... The laptop kinda needs a reformat any way but unfortunately I dont have a XP Pro CD so guess I'm just gonna have to keep trying... I've completly run out of ideas so I'm going to try installing SP2 to see if that helps any... I'll let you guys know. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  10. willgreene

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    No Network Found Error

    Please be sure to check that the service "Computer Browser" is running. I had this problem and went through each of the services to determine what I "really" needed and discovered that this service is required if you want to connect to other pc's on your network.
  11. Nodsu

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    Computer Browser has nothing to do with wireless. And having it disabled doesn't even prevent me from accessing network shares on other computers.
  12. seniorquico

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    I recently had the same problem...and come to find Vaio laptop had a switch that enabled and disabled the wireless network. The switch was on the front, and when it was off the box showed that there were no networks. I was reading this thread when I found the switch. Maybe you have the same laptop/problem. Good luck with it, though.
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