Way beyond wireless computing, electrodes hooked to the brain can control your cursor

By bedlam_4
Dec 5, 2004
  1. "Think, think, shoot, score!
    Brain electrodes help patients play video games in UW study
    Posted: Dec. 4, 2004
    With electrodes implanted directly on their brains, two Madison patients were able to control a computer cursor and play a basic video game just by thinking about it"

    Shouldn't be long before Nvidia, ATI, ect. start offering a wireless version to the public. Brain surgery anyone? This stuff is getting way to weird. Imagine being thrown into the horror house that is Doom 3. Total immersion. Like a sick dream...shudder...what if you got stuck in there? Remember Captain Kirk's buddy the guy that used to captain the Enterprise before Kirk? Those ****-head guys had him trapped in a virtual reality world. I am glad I can just unplug and walk away.
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