Weird Problem: can't read some DVD-R discs on DVD+-RW Drives

By stm
Oct 12, 2005
  1. Hi,
    I could really use some input on a problem I recently discovered, 'cause I
    am stumped. I put into my DVD+-RW drive a DVD-R disc which I burned on this very same drive a few months back. This is a data disc full of MP3s and
    MPEG, AVI files. Unfortunately, the dvd+-rw drive couldnt read it. I am
    running Windows XP and went into My Computer and noticed that after
    inserting the disc the icon goes from saying "DVD-RW Drive (D:)" to saying "CD Drive (D:)" but it does not show any files on the disc. I went through my 100 DVD-R discs (all of them Maxell 4X) and found that 10 of them had this problem, whereas the other 90 DVD-R discs were ok. All of my DVD+R discs seemed to read fine.

    However, these discs which my drive could not read all play fine on the standalone DVD player hooked up to my
    I took a couple of these problematic dvd-r discs to a computer store and noticed that none of the dvd+-rw drives there could read them, each one doing exactly what my own computer had done. But they all read fine on a DVD-ROM drives.

    They let me copy a disc on one of the machines that had a DVD-ROM drive in one bay and a burner in the other, and I went home and found that the copy (on a DVD+R disc) read just fine on my computer.

    This has all left me a bit puzzled.
    Why would the discs work on some drives and not work on others, including the one it was burned on ? Is there a possible explanation for this ? And why, if the problem has to do with writing to and reading from DVD-R media on a DVD+-RW drive, would only a few of my DVD-R discs give trouble and the rest work fine ? They were all burned the same way.

    Thanks so much for any help you can provide.
  2. towlee

    towlee TS Rookie

    I have the same problem!!!! i can not do nothing about it :( ... some dvd discs apears in my pc as an empty cd while other pc or dvd players recognize the disc normaly... stm do u have any programs installed like any dvd ect for decoding dvds? i can not think of something else that causes the problem...but allthow i uninstalled these programs my pc keep facing the same problem...i don't know what is going on. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP :)
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