What makes a good PCI to SATA card?

By shossofe
Sep 15, 2010
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  1. HI, I'm looking into the market to buy a new GPU but it seems like it may be too thick and cover up the remaining sata ports I have.
    So right now, I think the on-board SATA ports have a transfer speed of 3gbps, right?

    So would any PCI to SATAII card work well as a substitute as long as the transfer rate is the same?
  2. JMMD

    JMMD TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 854

    Any SATA II controller should work fine. A lot of the SATA II cards seem to be PCI express so just make sure the one you select is the for the slots you have.
  3. shossofe

    shossofe TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 47

    Oh right, i didn't take the actual pci slot speed into the equation....I guess I have to upgrade my motherboard after all. Thanks for the info.

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