What Power Supply for 9600GT cards 400W or 600W

By rajkmrr
Mar 2, 2009
  1. I want to know the minimum power supply requirement for my XFX 9600GT Graphics Card (PV-T96G-YMFF)

    The confusion created because in System Requirements page in its website it says 600W Minimum Power Supply for 9600 GT cards, but when I click on PV-T96G-YDF4 Model (which is also a 9600 GT card)on the same page, a small box pops up in which Minimum Power Supply Requirement is 400 for that card.

    My Power Supply Unit model is Gigabyte Superb 550 (GE-P450N-C2), which is 450W PSU with peak wattage of 550W. Is it sufficient for my card PV-T96G-YMFF ? Or should I go for upper model - Superb 720

    Anyone can help ?
  2. LinkedKube

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    google 9600gt power requirements. "superb" in the name of an item doesnt make it that either. Just make sure you get a quality psu.
  3. rajkmrr

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    At first, please tell me the power requirement in terms of Watt for my 9600 GT card.

    The PSU I have mentioned are quality psu with latest configarations. Please check these for me on gigabyte website.
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  5. raybay

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    There are so many excellent power supplies available now that the technology has caught up, and manufacturers upgraded their designs.
    I think PCPower and Cooling is great, and their prices have dropped a lot... They make many of the OCZ units.
    You will be fine with any PCPandC, OCZ, Corsair, Seasonic, Sparkle, FSP Group, ThermalTake or Antec that is 500 watts or more.
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