What type of MotherBoard do i have?

By Tyrell
Mar 7, 2006
  1. Just wondering how i would find out the make of my motherboard.. and if there is like an online manual i could get

    becuase i need to find out how to erase the data on the cmos and properly reinstall the jumper cables. cuz my ***** freind removed them all and doesnt know where to install them
  2. Tyrell

    Tyrell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no operating system is installed at the moment becuase i need to get into
    BIOS so that i can change the boot to CD-rom cuz i dont have a floppy! BUT i cant because some1 put a password on this peice of **** ..

    the mother board its self has a p3 cpu 856mhz! lmao
    also i put in 40gb hdd
    intergrated graphics! no APG SLOT! so i cant use my radeon 9200 se :(

    the only reason im working with this back up comp is becuase my crappy emachines computer broke! the mother board is fried or sumthing! so i gotta wait 3 weeks for the manufacter to repair it! lol
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