Which of these two cards are better?

By Calliah
May 29, 2005
  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm new to the boards, and I just need some help figuring out which card I should go with. I have currently in my system a Radeon 9100 PCI card with 128 MB RAM. Its worked well for me, but I know its limitations. My brother just got a new laptop, so I took his old computer for parts, etc. He has a GeForce 4 MX440-8x with 64 MB RAM, and its an AGP card. Should I bother installing the GeForce card, or will the performance be about the same?

    If it matters, I currently have
    P4 processor at 3.0E GHz, 800 MHz system bus
    1 gig of Corsair TwinX XMS memory
    A-bit IS-10 motherboard with an AGP slot at 4x/8x
    It also has a 400W power supply in it, so power shouldn't present a problem.
  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    Performance might be more or less the same but that GF4MX doesn't even support DX8 features such as Pixel & Vertex shaders. Might as well stick with the 9100.
  3. shadow_29

    shadow_29 TS Rookie Posts: 211

    dont even bother with the geforce mx440,even a geforce 3 surpasses it in terms of performance.its based on the geforce 2 mx series,the card doesnt have even true hardware direct x8 support,no pixel/vertex shader.a lot of games out there not even carry a "not supported" or "except mx series" only to describe that all the other cards are supported except this one(really p***es a lot people off).for the sort of system that you've got(highend) they would create a huge bottleneck for your system get a good geforce 6 series card to match your system well.
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