Why can't I use more then two sticks of RAM?

  1. Hi, I'm new to the forums, found it through google.

    I bought a PC yesterday, with a Thunder K8SD Pro S2882-D Motherboard. Which has two physical processors, and a total of 8 Dimm slots. 4 for each processor. The problem is I can only get it to boot if there is only memory in dimm1 of each channel. If I put it in dimm 1 and 3 all I get is a black screen. No combination works. Any ideas on how I could get all my Dimm slots working?

    Sorry, there is no edit button, but I've been tinkering with it all morning. After resetting the CMOS jumper, instead of just getting a black screen I get the mega-trends Bios screen, it says
    Press F12 to boot from the network
    Press F11 for BBS POPUP
    checking NVRAM
    3 MB OK!

    but it wont move past that screen. It doesn't give me an option to go into the bios options, And nothing happens when I press F!! or F12
  2. Cobalt006

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    I am not really sure, But with my board, The memory has to be in pairs, Say I was running 3 gigs, My board would only work with 2- 1 gig of memory sticks 2-512 memory sticks. All four of my memory slots had to be filled. Now if I upgraded it had to be It had to be in pairs of the same kind of memory. Persay I wanted to add 4 gigs .I had to run 2-2gig sticks. and so forth.
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    Found a manual here.

    Scroll to page 29 for the memory population part. says something like " memory in cpu2 dimm slots 1-4 is not required when running dual cpus?

    I got lost after that. :)
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    Some motherboards are very picky about the memory they'll actually work with. Is your memory from the QVL (qualified vendors list)? Pages 29-31 of the manual have some interesting facts that may point to the issue you're having. Are the memory sticks you're using the same?

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