Why does this happen?

By JoeM076
Oct 15, 2006
  1. Since I got my new Nvidia 6200 PCI Vid Card for my Dell Dimension 4300, I have been having an image issue where little black lines are scattered on loading screens and similar images.

    - Look at my gallery to see a picture of what I am talking about..

    Thanks to anyone who can give me advice for this problem.
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    There are 3 main possible causes:
    1) The video card is overheating and is causing the artifacts.
    2) Ur PSU is not sufficient enough to run the card properly.
    3) Ur using the latest NVIDIA drivers, which cause loaisa problems. Try using 81.98 it solves most of the problems
  3. JoeM076

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    -btw I was looking at the specs of your alienware computer and I was just wondering if you like all of the components..they seem really good, and I am just curious for an opinion to see what parts are the best. I'm trying to decide about which components to get for a windows vista ready, and a gaming computer by december. I am deciding on a custom computer and whether to build it myself or to just have build it for me. And I will be waiting until they come out with the DirectX 10 video cards and the Intel Core 2 Quadro(supposedly, both are coming out in November.) If you have any suggestions feel free comment...ty
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