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WiFi USB adapter blocks pc

By kdecolve ยท 5 replies
Mar 9, 2006
  1. Hello all,

    Since a few weeks I'm the proud owner :) of a wifi usb adapter. When I use him my pc blocks, sometimes almost immediately, sometimes after a few hours, minutes ...

    I found yesterday the problem: the wifi adaptor and my graphics card are both using IRQ 16 (I hope that is the problem).

    However, I tried to change the IRQ immediately in the hardware overview window, but it's not allowing this.

    Can you help me with this?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. TS Rookie Posts: 98

    what the hell do you mean by blocks your pc?
  3. kdecolve

    kdecolve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey thanks for replying, I still have the problem!

    Well with blocks my pc I mean my pc stops functioning, the cooler is still working, but that's it. My keyboard is even blocked -> when I push on Num Lock it's not functioning.

    It's really becoming annoying! So if you have an idea ...
  4. TS Rookie Posts: 98

    this boggles my mind, a wifi adapter doesnt have the ability to do that, maybe the problem lies elsewhere. are you running on linux?
  5. kdecolve

    kdecolve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Indeed, you're right, it's strange.

    I saw already that my wifi adapter does not receive an IRQ number. It's something else that has the same irq as my graphic card.

    But the problem is only and only when the wifi adapter is connected. As I just reformated my pc there is no setting wrong (or must be something standard), but when I plug it in it blocks just like it did before reinstall.

    Fact is also that I can 't see what the problem is, there's nothing indicated on the screen, it just stops. This blocking is probably not related to something I do, because it blocks often during dvd play back.
  6. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    pc specs and any other info please..

    update your drivers, and also check if you have a new bios and chipset driver updates from the manufacturer of your mobo. try your wifi adaptor on another pc if possible

    try and find out if you can set your IRQ settings on auto detect or something

    remove the wifi adaptor's drivers and related programs, turn off the pc and plug it in then reboot. see if that helps..
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