Win 7 can't see one module of RAM

By LeeLuck
Dec 24, 2009
  1. Hi peeps, merry xmas to you all ;p

    I just installed 2 strips of DDR2, the exact make my Asus MB requires as the old ram that was in it was different speeds.

    Originally it had 1.5gig so i repleced the 2 strips for 2x1gig strips of matcjing everything.

    So switched PC on and now windows tells me i onlyhave 1 gig installed !

    Cpuz tells me both are there and tells me the exact info that is required but windows only tells me i have 1 gig now when it said i had 1.5gig with miass matched ram ??

    Puter seems smoother so my question is, :-

    Is W7 32bit using 2gig or is it not ?

    Why cant thing just work lol lol lol also on the ram it states it is PC2-4200 DDR2 Memory RAM DDR2-533 533MHz but if you check the cpuz file it states different .

    Dont know what to do now. is the ram faulty ? miss labeld ? or what ?

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Here is the cpuz file.
  2. LeeLuck

    LeeLuck TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 58

    Ok hold the horses lol I took the slots out and swapped them round and proper made sure they were in, so now W7 tells me i have 2gig yey but cpuz still telss me they are PC2-5300 (333 MHz) and not PC2-4200 (533MHz) as the label says on the moduels.

    Is Cpuz right or are the stick right ? i bought these off ebay from a reputable dealer so if there is an issue i need to resolve it cos if i paid for 533MHz and i only got 333MHz then i need a refund os some sort dont i ?

    Thanks again.
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 10,862   +1,521

    PC-5300 is actually 667Mhz and the RAM clock would be running @ 333Mhz to attain the rated speed.

    PC-4200 would be 533Mhz and the RAM clock would be running @266Mhz to achieve the rated speed.

    You can check the Modules with SIW download it here; Download the "Freestanding English Version" to your desktop, and just double-click it to run.
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