Win xp boot issues.. ?!?!?!

By madmat276
Aug 10, 2006
  1. Ok this system has xp sp2.. but when booting the system hangs on the booting screen .. so when it does this you hear the Xp booting sound.. when you log into window.. but you still have the xp booting screen.. and then if you wate a few mins.. and hit the power button you hear xp log off. and then the system shuts down..

    i have tryed Restoring... the hdd passed all test along with the motherboard...

    ANY idea's

    should i try and tell it to write a new MBR. ?

    i don't want to lose anything.. on the system... if at all possable..


  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,122

    Try doing a repair of the current Windows installation. Boot off of the XP cd and follow the screens. If you use the recovery console you could try a FIXMBR or FIXBOOT first.
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