Win XP runs in pulses

By miaoo101
Jun 7, 2008
  1. hello

    i have this problem for the past 2 days and i cant find the cause or a solution

    a few minutes after i boot my computer it starts to freeze for a second then work smoothly for 3-4 seconds and again freeze for a second

    comp sceps are: 2.4gh pressecor, 512 ram

    please help
  2. nobardin

    nobardin TS Rookie Posts: 256 download memtest and let it run for a minimum of 7 passes.

    Did you install any hardware or software when this started happening?

    Do you use a spyware/adware program?

    Is your windows login password protected?

    Are you using a firewall?

    Have you tried booting into safe mode and see if the pc still "Pulses"? go there and do what it says and post the log here as a txt file.

    Also you stated you have 512MB RAM, is that 1x512 stick or 2x256 sticks?

    I await your reply.
  3. miaoo101

    miaoo101 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i didnt managed to get that software to boot but after a few tries the problem just disappeared
    i dont know if it had anything to do with the software but tnx for the help anyway
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