Win2000 Driver for QMS Desklaser 600

By stefan25
Mar 29, 2002
  1. Hi !

    I am searching a Win2000 Driver for my QMS Desklaser 600. The NT Driver does not work and the self-written for 2000 at Driverforum displays only the status monitor message that the cable is defctive or power off.

    Can anybody help ?
  2. uncleel

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  3. stefan25

    stefan25 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi !

    Thank you for your answer. I had this this driver before, I downloaded it again, installed it like the txt says, but - again - when I try to print a box appears that says "Power off or cable problem". I checked that the cable is no defective.

    What could be the problem ?`

  4. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    If your dialog box says, "Power off or cable problem," then I would have to assume that is the problem, not your drivers.

    Try a new cable. If your using a power strip, try plugging your printer directly into the wall socket. Maybe testing w/ a volt meter to insure the voltage is correct & constant.
  5. stefan25

    stefan25 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi !

    No success - I tried 2 other cables, any mode the lpt1: can handle and I checked the power cable and replaced it with another. It seems that I cant use my Desklaser 600....

    But did you see that post from Bernie at your driverlink above ?

    "Hi, Very grateful that you are writing a driver for XP. When I installed and tested it I got "Check printer power cord. Switch and printer cable". Obviously I have checked these. I have tried some earlier 2k drivers, is this likely to be the source of my problem? Many thanks!"

    Power & cable problems sounds known - maybe a driver problem.

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