Win2k and autocad 2000

By bmoc434
Oct 31, 2004
  1. Does anyone know if windows 2000 pro and autocad 2000 are compatible? I am looking to upgrade a client's network but I can't do even a proposal till I know with reasonable ertainty that it will work. I would appreciate direct emails if anyone has a definitive answer (ie past successful experience). Thanks. email to
  2. Goalie

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    I have used Windows 2000 and Autocad 2000 together in the past. The solution was unstable though- I can't say if that was a result of the Windows or the AC2000 or what. There were other quirks that lead me to believe that it was machine related, and not a direct incompatibility.

    I note on several webpages that the system requirements for Autocad 2005 still allows Windows 2000. For that reason I highly suspect the two are compatible.

    Also see for the direct requirements. I see mentions of Windows 2000, but never a direct "yes" or "no." indicates it's been used on XP Pro, and shows that Autocad has release at least one patch for Win 2000 used Autocad 2000, but they still do not officially support it. I think however you'll be safe.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW- Welcome to Techspot! :wave:
  3. bmoc434

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    Goalie thanks very much!

    Dear Goalie;

    What can I say? The info you provided me was invaluable. I appreciate your looking up this info for me. I also apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I have been very busy and didn't have the time until now. Thanks again.

    Cheers BMOC434
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