Windows 7: all .EXE files are now .LNK files

By ComputerGuy55
Dec 30, 2009
  1. Ok so it seems I have a weird problem here with a laptop I got it. All shortcuts on the computer have been converted to .LNK files.

    They are not sure how they did it, but system restores don't work. I noticed in system restore there was a Norton Registry Cleaner that ran, which I'm thinking is the culprit to this.

    I know this is probably a change somewhere in the registry or a fix in File Association settings, but I can't seem to find it.

    It just seems that the "shortcuts" got switched to .LNK files, at first it looked like all .EXE files were now .LNK files, but if I right clicked, went to the properties and went to the target location the EXE was there and runnable.

    Any help/input is very well appreciated.

    Well, I found a fix for it, I tried this site before and clicked the wrong link, if you have this problem, go here:

    under file associations there is a grid of links, click the one for lnk, use that registry entry, make sure you are an admin. After the registry is successful, restart your computer and it should be fine.
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