Windows Explorer error

By Irishquad
Jan 21, 2007
  1. Every time I try to access my network or open the help and support function I get an error saying that Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. My computer in general seems to be working fine except, I can't seem to get my Firefox browser to access the web but IE 7 seems to be working spotlessly. where should I begin?
  2. big D 19

    big D 19 TS Rookie

    i had about the same problem, turned out to be a virus. i was using limewire to download songs and videos and guess one file had a virus. had to delete all my videos to get rid of it. first thing you can do to test if its a virus or not is to create a new user profile. log in under that profile and see if you still get the same error message....
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