Windows Police Pro Virus Please help

By SpidyEot
Sep 18, 2009
  1. OK first thank you so much for your help :) Well here is the situation, I got the Scare tactic virus "Windows Police Pro" However I can seem to get this damn thing off. I open taskmgr and killed the "WindowsPolicePro.exe" and the "svchast.exe" which allowed me to open some programs. so I installed Malwarebytes and attemped to run it. It let me get to the Scan screen, however about 3 sec after it starts it closes itself. All other spyware removeal tools do the same. then when I try to open the program again it tells me the specific file,path or drive is not there, and the I might not have to access to it, However I am the administrator. I ran sicurity360 and the windows police pro was in the list and said it was removed but it is still poping up on my comp i try to remove the virus manually but the files are not there nor are the reg keys. I cant find any files anywhere to remove them but it is still somehow on the comp. When I try to boot in to safe mode I get to the Avanced windows screen but the keyboard will not work for me to select safe mode. Any help would be GREATLY Appreciated. Thank you so much agian for your time take care

  2. Tmagic650

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    Go to the 8-Step Virus & Malware thread and follow the instructions. Post the 3 logs
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