Windows Service Pack

By labuerkle
Sep 22, 2002
  1. Word of caution when installing the service pack. Every since I have installed it on my every thing has slown down.

    Bootup time is around 3 minutes.

    Video card perfomance is very crapy, unable to play many games online or offline that I could play before. I benched my card and got my normal score, but during the benching every thing was chopping like the games.

    Windows now responds slow when every I open something.

    My net connect with a cable modem has even been affected.

    Going to give my computer a fresh install tomorrow and I'm not even going to chance that I could roll things back.

    Larry:( :mad:
  2. hdmk

    hdmk TS Rookie Posts: 104

    ok, warez posts..

    Hope you got the info in time labuerkle :)
  3. cabrone

    cabrone TS Rookie Posts: 153

    lol was my post deleted? not raggin on mods, but if a post is deleted, could you possibly pm with what was wrong with it.... thanks a bunch, im taking it because i posted about warez...
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