Windows Xp Derfag Problem

By jags30
Jan 25, 2006
  1. HI THERE, I'm having quite alot of problems with clearing disc space, when i go into defrag it stated that i have only got 3% free space and gives me the option to do it anyway but it always freezes at 1% ive tried removing all games etc and this didnt help either ive also tried disc clearup any suggestions my capicity is 190gb but only 5.74gb left?
    thanks :bounce:
  2. k1n9k00p4

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    Maybe try thirdpary disk cleaning tools?

    System Mechanic is a very good tool for this, although it costs. But thats not a problem these days isit ;)

    There are probabily free programs out there that do the same thing although i do not know of any. is your best bet to find a free program.

    or check the techspot download section.
  3. jags30

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    Already tried system mechanic and ive been googling it all day not finding much help cheers for your suggestion
  4. Peddant

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    For defrag to run propperly you should have at least 15% of the Hard drive free which would amount to 29GB's of your hard drive.

    Think of it like this when re-organising a cubbard one takes stuff out of the cubbard where on has easy access to it so that one can easily arrange it propperly and put it back neatly. Now imagine you only have a standard keyboard sized space to work in. See what I am getting at?
  6. jags30

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    yes i know all this im jist lookin for advice on what programs i can use or any ideas how to get more space to run a full defrag
  7. N3051M

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    windows defrag works only when theres 15% free space (recomended) but still would work even if smaller.. although 3% won't leave it much space to let it move files (especialy large ones) around hence the freezing or stopping.. if you can try to offload some files to some media eg dvds or external hdd or something/get a new hdd as aditional storage then defrag.. worth a thought..
  8. jags30

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    thanks everybody im jusy gonna try getting more programs off thanks for all ur help :)
  9. Peddant

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  10. hotice

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    Did you delete your recycle bin files and unwanted restore points? you cud also burn some stuff like pics and music files onto CDs and make more space.
    Run chkdsk before defragmenting.
    Herez a useful link on cleaning up
    And as Peddant suggested, Diskeeper is a neat utility, faster and very efficient.
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