Windows XP loading bar freezes

  1. i have a fujitsu computer ( it 's like a LCD 32 inches but it actually runs like a computer ) after i reinstalled windows xp and restarted the PC, the loading bar runs for 5 seconds and it froze. I restarted the PC, and the same thing keeps happening , after 10 trials, i decided to reinstalled windows xp again and windows loaded but a screen came up with a windows symbol saying please wait i left the PC on for 1 night and checked it again in the morning, nothing happened. i tried reinstalling WIndows xp a few times but the same thing happened. Please help =[[
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    thank u for spending ur time replying to my post. I solved the problem, it 's the mup.sys file, when i boot to safe mode it 's stuck there, i tried to restart many time until it loaded to windows and uninstalled the file. Now it works perfectly. =]]

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