winRAR - need help

By cassiopeia1289
Apr 28, 2007
  1. so I have winRAR and I'm trying to extract three .rar files, I successfully did one but I don't remember how.
    Ok, so I got them into the archive and I said to view them all, a seperate window for each came up with like a new archive sort of thing I guess, the files are now viewed as MPEG (which is how I got the first one)
    but when I say "extract" to another folder, I get a message saying to insert a disk with this volume

    I didn't need a disk to extract the other one, but I remember getting this message when I tried, and somehow I got it to work,
    please please please help
  2. Xendo355

    Xendo355 TS Rookie

    Hmmm. I've extracted many rar files with winRAR and it has never asked me for a disk.:confused: Have you tried not opening winRAR and just right clicking on the rar file and selecting extract files? That should bring up a window where you can tell winRAR to extract the files. Select where you want them extracted and click ok. Not sure if this will help. Good luck:)
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