WinXP : Mouse freezing in the middle of the screen!

By Fireproof83
Oct 11, 2003
  1. I've recently format my PC and installed [cracked]WinXP. Two days after, I've already got a problem with it: when it opens, the mouse would freeze in the middle of the screen! It's kind of strange because I've never got the problem before and I had almost the same setup (same Win XP, same aps). So I tried reinstalling WinXP. All worked well for that night, but when I opened my PC the next morning, I had the same problem. So I tried formating, installed all the components ... and it froze again later in the night! I thought it was probably something about the ONLY software I didn't have before first formatting (ZoneAlarm firewall), but I tried formatting and didn't installed it... it did the same thing. I sick of it. Don't you guys know what it could be?
    Thank you!

    Watch your language on this board. Adding codes between words show that it was intentional.
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    Maybe you ought to try buying your software instead of stealing it...
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