Won't load BIOS settings, getting a crazy screen with a bunch of 00 00 00's and some text

By helpz
Feb 3, 2013
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  1. I have come to acquire a "broken" dell xps 410. The issue as I was told is "it has a virus".. well this is unlike any virus I've ever seen. but then again I'm not a computer tech. so the problem is.. I can turn it on. it gets to the dell loading screen ( where I have the option to to push the F12 or F2 key.) if I push nothing, I get a screen that looks like the attached photo.

    Anyhow it seems to be prompting me to enter a password of some sort. typing on the keyboard does absolutely nothing. the only key that seems to have any effect is the enter key.

    If I try to push F2 OR F12 it beeps at me every time I push the key.. and nothing happens (besides taking back to the attached photo's screen)

    I know my description may not be very good. but please if you could maybe point me in the right direction

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