World Of Warcraft Connections Error. :(

By DS_Flare
Jan 7, 2007
  1. I have a WGT624v3 Netgear router, and a Linksys WUSB54G Receiver. When i sign on to a heavily trafficed sever in World Of Warcraft, not everyone loads, people will be running in circles naked, some of my items wont load and then i will be kicked off in a minute saying Disconnected.

    This didnt use to happen to me, I used to have a Netgear receiver, that worked, but then it started to kick me off and say disconnected when i sign on. I can go into a low traffic server and it seems to work fine, but i cannot get into my orignal server now. This has been happening to me for the past month or so. Whats the problem? I checked WoW's website and they tell u too keep firewalls off and to open ports, ports arnt my problem and neither are firewalls, so what is there to try now? I got a linksys today hoping it would fix but it has not. Has same issues... Please for my sake, help me :(
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