Worrying problems with Ergo Ensis L4000L

By Spleenharvester
Jan 6, 2009
  1. Tempuratures are around 60*c under load, 45*c normal (I put new thermal compound on), this laptop has three problems:
    -It switches off randomly occasionally, games alt+tab to desktop then power goes - not battery drainage.
    -The fan sometimes makes a really loud grating noise and it has to be switched off+on to stop it
    -The fan randomly speeds up very quickly for ~5 seconds, causing FPS to drop to about 1 (not helping midtown madness :()
    -I often get graphics problems, e.g everything goes red and pink then goes back, or white dots. Sometimes the display will go very fuzzy and will have a scroll effect (like when you film a screen and there's bars going down it) and it will not respond to any key presses, then turns off.
    192mb onboard RAM
    SiS M650 Onboard Graphics (64mb)
    2.0ghz Celeron - 512kb Cache
    What actions should I take with this? Thanks. :)
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