Xbox Live Connection Failed Ingame!

By British_Command
Apr 18, 2006
  1. Ok on my xbox 360 Live in games such as Pefrect Dark Zero and Ghost Recon 3 when i join games it comes up most of the time with an error message, heres what the Ghost recon one says :

    ' Connection failed

    This game session is no longer available'

    and the one on PDZ is very similar even know the game session is clearly still available! I dont think i have any firewall which would be affecting this but any help would be nice around 75% of the games i join i get this damn error message!

    Thanks for all your help,
    Tom wells-day
  2. DaProffessaT34

    DaProffessaT34 TS Rookie Posts: 39

    do you have a wirles for your xbox or did you connect it to your cable"?
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