Xbox LIVE vs. Sony PSN

By mattfrompa
Jan 21, 2008
  1. Jager

    Jager TS Rookie

    um, you obviously never owned a PS3, incase you didnt know PSN DOES have movies (in Standard Def and High Def, over 500 movies now), Shows (family guy, Futurama, Venture Bros (Hot Damn, Venture Bros :D) Download games (Whipeout HD? Warhawk? Countless others my friend) and play games online.. Besides, there is only ONE, i repeat, ONE 360 game that currently uses Dedicated servers, almost every PS3 exclusive with online play has dedicated servers...

    Sry to revive this thread, but the guys post i quoted had a whole lot of fail... btw, havnt you ever heard of Steam? its Like Xbox Live / PSN... download games, play em online, stuff like that... and its free... Yet microsoft tries getting people to pay for Windows Live too? no thanks microsoft, i see where you are going..
  2. Jager

    Jager TS Rookie

    Higher priced system? im sry but you get more with your PS3 for less... go buy a 200 dollar arcade, then u gotta pay another 100 for the dongle, 160 for a 160GB hard drive, and lord knows how much for the High Definition drive... add another 50 for live, your 200 dollar system now costs over 530 dollars.

    PS3 80Gb comes with all of the above for only 400 dollars... 80GB not enough, or is less then 160GB? just buy an internal 2.5" SATA hard drive, you can get a 500GB for 100 bucks.... trust me, Sony gives you more for less, Microsoft gives you less for more... and, Microsoft has Windows live, they made it pay to play just like Xbox live...
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